Anthea Watson's poems

Sounds of the City by Anthea Watson
Sounds of the City by Anthea Watson
Book launch of Sounds of the City by Anthea Watson (Photo Antony Spence)
Book launch of Sounds of the City by Anthea Watson (Photo Antony Spence)
The Open Window by Anthea Watson
The Open Window by Anthea Watson

Anthea Watsona beloved member of our congregation, died on 26 December 2018 after a long illness. Anthea was a published author. She is the author of both Sounds of the City (January 2018) and The Open Window (November 2018),  collections of moving poems. Both books cannot have come into being without the considerable editorial skills of Joy Wotton, another beloved member of our congregation, who died on 16 December 2018. Joy, amongst many other things, was an expert on the history of Bow Church and wrote much of the history content of this website.

May they both rest in peace and may you all enjoy the fruits of their labours…

The blurb of Anthea’s first book, Sounds of the City, reads:

“Anthea Watson is an architect, artist and poet. This collection of poems reflects on living and dying, especially the death of her husband, Duncan, and her own living with cancer over the last year. It reveals her love of London and the Sea, and her own experience of listening as well as seeing:

I listen for the sounds of the city; / but I hear only sounds of the sea.

At times bleak, at times metaphysical, and at times both witty and intelligent, the reader may find that these poems offer a kind of spiritual affirmation.”

and that of her second, The Open Window  reads:

“Anthea Watson is an architect, painter and poet… In this, her second book, The Open Window of the title refers to the window closed for so long in the cold winter, and opened again in the warmth. and also the windows to the next world.

the spirits of the dead/leave by an open window

There are more poems about living in the city and about the battle with the tumours, but a major focus of the book is narrative poems telling the stories of childhood, of friends and family, a holiday after illness, life in Istanbul, and her beloved Turkish family.”

You can buy ‘Sounds of the City’ and ‘The Open Window’ from Bow Church for £10 each, with free postage & packing. Please email

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